1. Twinkle Tits + Dupree's Paradise


I hope you enjoy this rare mash-up! We played "Twinkle Tits" mixed with "Dupree's Paradise" in Oslo on 11-25-19 with the Norwegian wind Ensemble. Nearly three years to the day it's fully loaded and ready to play.

joe pepe lombardo

I love this music 


Classic Zappa all the way

Cliff M.

Tight as all heck! Everyone was awesome. Highly enjoyed this!


Any chance you might release the show in it’s entirety?

David D

Dweezil…great to see you last night…hope you enjoyed my new concert photo book…hope to see you on tour soon…my photography skills are a lot better than my tennis skills now a days…but Louise and I were on the court back in Houston at 11 o’clock this morning…thanks again…dd

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