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    Sleep Napkins
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Sleep Napkins is the unofficial title of this piece of music. The name is derived from "Sleep Dirt" and "Black Napkins" because its home base is "Sleep Dirt" and it has some similarities to the melodic phrasing of "Black Napkins."

There has never been an official Frank Zappa release of this song. It was performed a handful of times over the years and the last time I heard it rehearsed was in 1988. My dad may have had a different name in mind but we will probably never know.

Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar Melody and Sustain Solo

Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone Melody and Solo

Adam Minkoff - Rhythm Guitar and first Solo

Kurt Morgan - Bass

Ryan Brown - Drums

Pierre L.

Great music many thanks


Michael Doherty

Very cool to learn about this song's title!

Jeffrey P.

Holy Moley! Unreal, thanks so much for this rendition of a certified rarity.


Sublime. Wonderful sexy sax. All the solos gave me the feels. Excellent performance!


Lovely piece.

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