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    Gumbo Variations
  • FormatWAV
  • Bit Rate24
  • Sample Rate48
Bert Butler

This projects me back in time into the good ol' days of happiness, being young and listening to good music.

Thanks a lot Dweezil, I started listening to your fathers music in 1968  - age 13 - and this music will always be my passion.


Thanks Todd!

Todd D.

Awesome version. Love how the guitar sounds are so much like the original. Great arrangement too! Fun stuff.

Myles Matisse

I'm speechless Dweezil at the musicality and recording quality. Bravo man!!! Thank you so much for thinking outside the box and being a part of a platform to connect directly with your fans. I'm honored to be a silver member.


Yum, great Gumbo

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